MagBiosense is developing a Point of Care device and a proprietary consumable cartridge for highly sensitive detection of biomarkers. Through the use of a novel Magnetic Modulation Biosensing (MMB) technique, we have already showed rapid and highly sensitive detection of proteins and specific DNA sequences. Most commonly used detection assays are based on fluorescence labeling of the biological targets. When marking low concentrations of a target analyte with a fluorescent probe, the subsequent fluorescent signal is very weak and masked by background noise from the solution.

MMB uniquely combines magnetic and fluorescent labeling of the target analyte, and applies an external magnetic field to increase sensitivity of fluorescence detection. The external, alternating magnetic field condenses the targets to a small volume and sets them into a periodic motion, removing the background signal from the oscillating target signal without complex sample preparation. This enables state of the art, high sensitivity with the ease of use of a point-of-care device.